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Roadbuster - 200 tablets - Makes 500 gallons @ $.08 per gallon - $39.95 per case

Roadbuster - 200 tablets - Makes 500 gallons @ $.08 per gallon - $39.95 per case

CUT YOUR COSTS AT THE PUMP! ROADBUSTER IS NOW EVEN MORE ECONOMICAL THEN BEFORE! ROADBUSTER window wash tablets provide a new, patented effervescent technology that enables the end user to accurately mix premium squeegee solution without costly dispensing equipment or "free pouring" concentrates. The ROADBUSTER tablet offers excellent detergency, controlled foam, and a deep blue color. The product is built with a rapid breaking emulsion to insure proper operation of oil water separators. 200 tablets can provide up to 500 gallons of window wash fluid resulting in a cost of ONLY $.08 CENTS PER GALLON! Application Gas Islands (1 + gallon buckets): Empty old squeegee solution on island pad. Rinse out container to remove solids that build-up in bottom. Add ONE tablet and then fill with water. Always start fresh. Do not add WINDSHIELD MAGIC tablet to old dirty water. Diesel Islands (5 gallon buckets): Same as above except add TWO tablets and then fill NOTE: WINDSHIELD MAGIC is a summer blend and will freeze. Winter methanol blends may be cut in half to save money by adding a ROADBUSTER tablet to compensate for lost cleaning ability, suds, and color. Freight not included in price.
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